Q:  Can the insurance company tell me where to take my vehicle for the repair?
A:  No!  They can only recommend repair facilities, the final  choice is up to you.
Q:  What if I need help processing my claim?
A:  We at The Body Shop are here to serve you.
Q:  How long are the collision repairs going to take?
A:  When we have completed the estimate we can determine the length of time
      that we will have your vehicle for the repair.
Q:  What about a rental car?
A:  We will gladly help arrange a rental car for you upon insurance approval, and
      most rental companies will pick you up at the shop or have a vehicle waiting
      for you at shop.
Q:  What insurance companies do you work with?
A:  We will work with any insurance companies.  We are on most insurance companies Direct Repair Program.
Q:  What is a Direct Repair Program and how does it work?
A:  We work directly with the insurance company.  As a one stop program, we can write the estimate,
      schedule repairs, set up rental if needed and on your policy, and do all repairs needed.  We give
      you a lifetime guarantee of our workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. Warranty
      is not transferable.
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